Maria became homeless at age 18 and couldn’t attend high school because she had to find a place to live and keep her belongings. She often didn’t have food. School was not a priority until she learned about Flex High School.

“Flex High was a great choice for me because not many places will help homeless youth out there but they did,” says Maria. “The teachers and staff took time to understand me and motivated me to go to school. They mentored me. They assisted with anything. If I needed food, they helped. They talked to me about getting into a shelter system. They addressed all my needs.”

With her basic life needs met, Maria could focus on her education. She had always struggled with math and science. Flex helped her close the learning gap on these subjects while also helping her learn basic life skills that had a positive impact on her mental and physical health.

“Flex High has done a lot to help me deal with family abuse, being homeless, finding a job and going to school,” Maria explained. “If they had not been there to educate and counsel me, I would have graduated. They went above and beyond to help me finish school and now I feel confident I can make it on my own. I am very grateful for Flex High.”


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