FLEX doesn’t operate on semesters, rather we enroll students throughout the year, so there is no waiting for the new semester or school year to start. This is the time of year when students realize they are falling behind their classmates, not engaged – especially during distance learning or on a path to dropping out.

Our teachers and counselors will quickly assess each student to develop a personalized program that is flexible and infused with trauma-informed practices. “We offer experiential learning and job skills training, too, which help keep the students engaged and motivated,” said Bernice Howard, principal of Flex Cleveland.

The FLEX model features a flexible schedule that is ideal for students who must deal with adult responsibilities, like caring for a baby or siblings, or needing to work. And, we can accept students who are 18 to 24 years old who have aged out of traditional high school.

Howard recently invited potential students to enjoy a free barbeque lunch that she and her school staff prepared. Along with board member Craig Cobb, interested parents and new students enjoyed the perfect early fall weather and toured the freshly painted learning center while they learned more about Flex High School. For more information visit www.FlexHigh.org or call 216-310-9750

Written By:
Ann Abajian