It’s no wonder that Chris often felt anger bubbling up – he was bullied throughout his youth and recalls being a loner for most of his childhood. He came to FLEX his first year of high school because our flexible schedule meant that he wouldn’t have to sit in a classroom every day, which triggered his anxieties about bullies. “I hated middle school,” he said. “I hated every little thing about it.”

“At FLEX, I made new friends and was able to get a stable job,” he explained. “I wasn’t always afraid that someone would say something to pull up emotions.” Chris had always struggled with reading and writing, but with the help of his teachers, he boosted his skills and now enjoys both.

“I enjoyed going to school and seeing my teachers and principal — people who actually enjoy seeing me,” Chris said. “All the teachers at FLEX, especially Mr. Morton and Ms. Henry, made me into who I am now. Without them I wouldn’t have a stable job, which did a lot for me as I could’ve been on the streets doing illegal things. I’m so thankful I went to FLEX and I am now living a good life.”

Written By:
Ann Abajian