“I live in a rough neighborhood. There are people doing drugs. There are shootings almost every night so you see cops and ambulances everywhere. People die a lot,” says Tyron. “Because of my environment, I was hanging out with the wrong people. And, school was bad because it was gang affiliated so I started going less and less.”

But Tyron didn’t want to be another statistic so he sought out another option. Flex High School gave him a safe environment to attend school and the one-one one attention he needed so he wouldn’t become another dropout statistic. His teacher listened to him to understand his challenges and mentored him. “I like that my teacher got to know me and really cares, it’s a big family here.”

By enrolling in and attending Flex High School, Tyron changed his story. He made the decision he was going to finish high school and dedicated himself to his studies. Tyron changed his behavior and his study habits. He focused on completing his courses and worked hard to earn his diploma.

Tyron recognized he couldn’t do anything without a high school diploma. “Everyone told me I wasn’t going to graduate. Flex High School separated me from that. Now that I graduated I can do practically anything I want,” he said. “Without Flex High I would be another statistic for a fact. Flex changed my story.”


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