Aspen A. was a good student and enjoyed school – until she got to junior high and was a target of physical and mental bullying. She dreaded going to school and started skipping class. Knowing it would only get worse in high school, her parents had her transfer to our school where she found a safe home and flourished.

She soon emerged as a leader among her fellow students, will graduate a year early and was a Fellow in our 12-week Civic Literacy and Media Influence program, earning a $1,000 scholarship for her successful completion.

Aspen developed an interest in politics by doing an internship with a state senator. She was one of the first students to complete the CTE Business Management pathway and has been helping her parents’ business with what she has learned in the class. Aspen recently received a $128,000 scholarship from the University of Redlands where she plans to major in business administration.

“What I love about this school is the diversity, which goes beyond ethnicity and gender. Everyone has a unique story, which cultivates a supporting and uplifting atmosphere. Nobody cares where you come from, how much money you have, or how you dress. All that matters is that you try and strive for success, and everyone around you will ensure your goals are met,” said Aspen. “The teachers are the most uplifting and understanding teachers I have ever had. They tailor their learning approach to you and go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met.”

Aspen appreciated our flexible schedule so she could help with her two autistic brothers and go at a pace that fits her learning style. Plus, she had time for hobbies, learning to play the guitar and perform on stage, and spending some time snowboarding and surfing with her family.

Written By:
Ann Abajian