What do you do with a high school student who has ideas and dreams that don’t fit within four walls of a traditional classroom? Let them learn at their own pace, allow them to work on more than just assignments and emphasize building a future. Jahleena flourished with this model which helped her overcome barriers, gain real life experience, graduate high school and focus on things that make her happy.  


Jahleena went from experiencing homelessness at 15, to couch surfing, to having her own apartment — all while earning her diploma. To do this, she needed room for a full-time job and an education that matched her tenacity. After enrolling in our line classes, she learned that she can be independent while working towards a diploma on her schedule.  

The school offers students the independence and flexibility to learn at their own pace. The fully accredited online school helps develop time management skills while offering one- on- one support to ensure they are self-sufficient upon graduation. It’s tuition free and allows students to learn from anywhere, giving them more time to pursue their dreams and life’s responsibilities.  


“My time here taught me how to balance life at home and in the real world and prepared me for working while going to college.” Jahleena said.  


She was given the flexibility to pursue her passions, like studying marine biology with the hopes of one day working to preserve coral reefs and sea turtles. She is enrolled in Solano Community College, working as a swim instructor, building her own small start-up business, Jahleena’s Baked Dough, and running her Instagram account for her tortoise Morla (@morla_theancientone).  


She implores other students to not give up on their education. “To all of those students who struggle to find motivation,” she tells them, “There is no excuse not to get an education. It is okay to take breaks, but to refuse to continue your education is the absolute worst thing you can do for yourself.  No matter how hard things seem now, there’s a way out, and that way is getting your diploma.”  

Written By:
Ann Abajian