Growing up around rampant drug use, instability at home and bullying at school is a too common reason high school students give up and drop out.  

For Gabriella “Gabby” M., she chose another option by removing herself from the negative situations that surrounded her. While attending a public high school, Gabby was bullied and felt unsafe every day. She had enough and decided it was time for a change, so she left that neighborhood and moved in with her grandmother to start anew.  

She tried online school to stay focused but couldn’t hold herself accountable and started falling behind. She needed a fresh start and a change in her education and our school was the answer. She was able to catch up, focus on school instead of fearing for her life and is on track to graduate this year.  

“After graduation I want to go to college for a business degree and go into real estate to build my empire,” she said. This journey for Gabby did not come easy, but — with the help and motivation from teachers, her grandmother and a newfound self-drive — she is caught up and looking to her future.  

“Gabby brings a positive attitude to school each day, said Avery Giannoulis, her teacher. She is the first person to help others with assignments, is compassionate and quick to comfort anyone having a rough day.”.  

She loves the individualized learning program that we offer. “It’s a good program for me because if you struggle in one subject you can keep moving ahead with other subjects. My reading was bad, I would get frustrated when I read and skipped over words,” she explained. “There are lots of tutors and staff here to help explain it better and helped me comprehend what I was reading.” 

Gabby’s story is a testament to the impact that a supportive and inclusive learning environment can have on a student’s success. Bullying and learning challenges can have serious consequences, but with the right resources and support, students can overcome them and reach their full potential.  

Written By:
Ann Abajian