Always an eager student, Graciano was on track to graduate early – until the pandemic hit. Like so many students who were not proficient with technology, he struggled to keep up with remote classes. His former school couldn’t help him, and he fell further and further behind.

Fortunately, a friend told him about our high school and in just three months he was able to catch up on credits and graduate. “Teachers at my former school weren’t as involved with the students,” he explained. “Here, the smaller classes, and letting us work on a subject at our own speed made all the difference for me.”

We focus on a student’s mastery of a subject, not how many hours they sit in class. Our model of a flexible schedule and one-on-one attention has helped tens of thousands of kids earn their high school diploma. “Everyone here, like the front office workers, the counselor and even the principal, make all the students feel very included throughout the day,” Graciano said. “From saying ‘hello’ to fist bumps or just saying good morning. I can tell the teachers are passionate about their jobs, and they seem to understand how to explain things in ways different people can understand.”

Graciano is exploring the next phase of his education. He is interested in joining the Marine Corps and possibly continuing his education by pursuing an engineering degree. He points out that his situation at his previous high school was not a special case and was happening to many peers. “I was doing terribly at school and but my teachers pushed me to become the best version of myself,” he said. “Because of that I’ll forever be grateful.”

Written By:
Ann Abajian