Josh suffers from various health conditions, which required frequent trips to the nurse’s office while attending traditional school. He felt he was being punished when he had to take a break from the classroom due to his medical conditions. He eventually refused to go to school in the mornings due to the increased struggles he faced

I heard about this school and thought why not give it a try! We visited the campus and I met with the principal and teachers to make sure he would have the support he needed. We enrolled that day.

When kids fall behind, they get frustrated. My son was extremely behind on credits, but instead of treating him like a failure, his teachers would find creative ways to motivate him. Once he figured out that he could catch up, he continued to attend. Receiving treatment for his conditions was much more difficult in a traditional school because appointments were often during school hours. Here we were able to navigate appointments and therapy easier.

I am 100 percent certain if Josh had continued in traditional school he would be a high school dropout. Not all students learn the same way, and many have challenges (mental, physical, poverty) that impact their ability to learn. Parents of students with challenges should always find the best fit for their child and family. While most schools only focus on academic success, your staff meets the child where they are at no matter what setbacks they have faced. Children make mistakes, this is how they learn and grow. I believe every child should feel safe, loved and supported at school.

His teacher is a great educator and a wonderful human being. She cares about the whole child, not just the academic part. When my son hit roadblocks, she would immediately provide the support needed.

I am so proud of my son for completing high school. It would have taken another two years in a traditional setting, and he was able to persevere and graduate. He has a much better outlook on academics since he found teachers who cared about him as a person. Josh is working full time and looking at trade schools and I know his future is bright!

He works extremely hard and now has the confidence to go out and accomplish his goals. He has even convinced several friends to go back and finish high school saying, “If I can do it, anyone can.”

I am so grateful to this school for the support he received that enabled him to earn his high school diploma. I know he will accomplish big things in life – this is just the beginning of his story!

Written By:
Ann Abajian