Like any parent, Aniyah’s mom just wants the best for her daughter, and education is a priority in their family. “Aniyah has always been a good student and she especially loves art,” noted her mom, Christina. “She uses art to better understand her coursework – something she couldn’t do consistently in a traditional school.

Along with her need to learn through art, Aniyah has faced setbacks due to a severe, rare allergy to citrus. Since citrus and citric acid are used is so many foods and products, protecting her and keeping her safe were beyond the capabilities of a traditional school setting.

She missed most of 3rd and 6th grades due to allergic reactions that triggered respiratory issues, and she missed half of 9th grade because of COVID. “She has anxiety related to her allergies which had a major impact on her at school and in social settings,” explains mom Christina. “Now since she isn’t in a classroom all day with other students, so she has more control over exposure to citrus – and her use of art to gain a greater understanding of her academics.”

Aniyah enrolled with us because of its personalized learning model and soon found an environment where she is understood, valued and inspired. She is encouraged to draw and paint and has caring teachers who work one-on-one to challenge her, assist her when needed and encourage her to accomplish her goals.

She is a dual enrolled at a community college and aspires to use her animal art as an advocacy for various species. “Aniyah wants to be a wildlife biologist or extreme field zoologist and often talks about establishing more wildlife sanctuaries. She will continue to be a talented and gifted wildlife artist,” Christina proudly stated.

Written By:
Ann Abajian