We had three FLEX High graduations last month – all in-person and full of the fun and emotion those 73 students deserved. Our schools in Flint, Michigan and Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio are just 2-3 years old, and growing every day under the direction of principals Alisha Henry, Jason Kustron and Michael Springs. We’re reaching more and more at-risk students and former dropouts, helping them earn a diploma and get job skills training.

The ceremonies were attended by local dignitaries and several students spoke about their journey at FLEX. For many of the graduating students, they are the first in their family to earn a diploma! Congratulations to all!

Ever wonder why the graduation song is called Pomp & Circumstance? The phrase means an ostentatious display of ceremonial grandeur and comes from a line in Shakespeare’s play Othello, which says, “Pride, pomp and circumstance of glorious war!”

Written By:
Ann Abajian