Vinaya has a happy and supportive family, and she loves to spend time cooking and watching movies with them. But in high school, she found it hard to focus while sitting in classes all day and dealing with bullies, and she began to fall behind in credits. She knew that she needed to earn her diploma and go to college to get a good job, so she started looking for alternative schools.

At our school, she began to flourish with one-on-one attention and encouragement from staff. Having one main teacher who follows her progress and gets her the help she needs from other teachers and tutors is ideal for Vinaya. She can take extra time on subjects that are challenging, and thanks to our flexible schedule, she is able to work and help care for her niece and nephew.

At age 19, Vinaya is eager to graduate and has set a goal to complete extra work each week to graduate quickly. She isn’t sure what career path to take in college, but she is determined to enroll and find a major that incorporates her many passions – singing, dancing and fashion design. One dream is to start her own business, like designing an affordable line of apparel. Another is to help kids and people in need.

A goal not always seen in young people is that she wants to earn and maintain a high credit score. She understands that being savvy with money will help her pay for college and give her some financial security as she enters adulthood. Vinaya has so much enthusiasm and potential, but if she had not come to this school, she would have aged out of high school without a diploma and her life would not be on the same positive trajectory it is today.

Written By:
Ann Abajian