Month: October 2023

How Student Retention Teams are Saving High School Dropouts

They’re part friend, part cheerleader and part problem solver. They are the retention specialists who work in our 80+ schools and they have one goal – to identify students who are at risk of dropping out and develop a multi-level approach to re-engage these students. When Raymond hadn’t shown up at school for a few […]

Written by on October 18, 2023

Can High Schools Do More to Prevent Bullying?

Bullying in high school is up since the pandemic, with more students saying they have been bullied at school. And more than 40 percent of bullied students said the incidents took place in hallways, stairwells and classrooms. “There are so many opportunities for kids to bully others in traditional school settings,” said Shellie Hanes, superintendent. […]

Written by on October 18, 2023